How contemporary Booty label decreases

Most of us have got that friend which can not place their phone down in the club. The dude who’s had gotten eight book conversations with women meeting women happening at once. You are wanting to pick up brand-new girls, in which he’s just attempting to nail down the types he’s already got. You aren’t impressed. He’s becoming a sh*tty wingman. However you will provide to him — the text-message-to-bedroom approach occasionally operates. Often it does not. Sometimes you get shut down. And quite often the lady you’re conversing with takes it in an entirely various course. Nevertheless requires much less undertaking than trying to collect within club.

We’re shopping for some real text-message exchanges that skate around a relationship or gender problem. The ones you’ve got at 2 a.m. that start off with, “Hey :)” and in some way wind up garnering a reply from woman on the other side — whether positive or bad.

Here are some instances from… ahem… some dudes we understand.

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